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Need Help finding a sixth member


eevee Protean Maxima
Leaf blade
Foul Play
Hydro Pump

Azumarill Pure Power
Double Edge
Play Rough
D. Gardevoir Lightning Rod
Ice Beam
Energy Ball
Focus Blast
Excadrill Sand Rush
Iron Head
Sword Dance
D. Bisharp Defiant
High Jumpkick
Aerial Ace
Blaze Kick
Shadow Claw


maybe a metagross idk realy with meteor mash (STAB) Zen headbutt ice punch| Flash connon or like earth earthquake


or a Tyranitar with earthquake, stone edge good crit chance plus (STAB) fire fang or ice punch. crunch,


also get like a dragon type like dragonite or a latios idk


I would’ve suggested Delta Vespiquen, but you already have a Steel type. Maybe Spiritomb?