Need Help EV training

Since currently trading pokemon with Pokerus is bugged its rly hard for me to EV train. i Need someone to help me EV train my pokemon.(swampert and Salamence and delta escalvier)im currently making my team and lvling them up

i can offer 2IVstone per pokemon Salamence: 4hp + 252 Atk + 252 spd Swampert: 4hp + 252 Atk + 252 Sp def D.Escalvier: 4Atk +252 Def + 252 Sp Def

EDIT: 2IV stones per pokemon you help me EV train

you know that the friend safari has all your needs and more. for the price of FREE! FREE! FREE!

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takes 4 eva

It takes like 10-15 minutes, some of those EV spots got nurses there as well… I think the only one that doesn’t(That I saw) was the Special Attack one, and even then exp share makes EV training kind of a joke.