Need Help Beating East/Getting Delta Blastoisinite

I am having trouble beating East(Helios City Gym Leader) and was thinking that maybe a Mega Delta Blastoise would help me out a little. I already have a Delta Blastoise and a Mega Ring and just need the Mega Stone. I accidentally had turned Purity Mode on so I only got the regular Blastoisinite, which doesn’t work with Delta Blastoise. Is there any other way to get it because I’m really getting stuck and don’t know what to do. Also, I have saved many times after getting it so I don’t think I can go back. Any tips for beating the Leader are also greatly appreciated.

If it helps, here’s my team(I know it sucks I’m going to get them all items):

Lvl 51 Rapidash - Flare Blitz, Bounce, Flame Charge, Fire Blast - No Item Yet

Lvl 49 Haxorus - Rock Smash, Dragon Claw, Cut, Swords Dance - Focus Band

Lvl 41 Delta Blastoise - Shadow Sneak, Cut, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere - Focus Band

Lvl 43 Raichu - Charge Beam, Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Discharge - Cleanse Tag

Lvl 42 Feraligatr - Ice Fang, Rock Smash, Crunch, Chip Away - No Item Yet

Lvl 47 Azumarill - Aqua Tail, Play Rough, Aqua Ring, Superpower - No Item Yet

Thanks for any help you can give!

I can get you a d blastoisite

Wow thanks for replying so fast
How can we do that?

So I’ll attach the mega stone to some random mon and then trade it to you for some other random mon

Ok thanks so much
I’m a noob tho so I don’t know how to trade

Ok so you go into the dexnav and click the second input on.(with your mouse) and the nitro say connecting and then after that you need to register and then you log in and I’ll be able to trade with you

Ok I’m logged in with the same username

Do I do trade or wonder trade?
Also what’s your username?

You click trade. I’m not on right now so I can’t trade with you but I should be in in a few hours. I’ll let you know when I get on

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What pokemon do you want?
I can give you an egg

Do you have any iv stones? If not I don’t really care but I’ll take the egg

Can you buy IV stones in Helios City?

No, but you can grind them by smashing rocks & hope

I found one in my bag which is convenient

Ok I’ll telll you when I ready to trade

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Ok I’m getting on now

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I’m ready when you are

What’s you’re trading name


The mon your trading has to be in your party