Need delta Golett

Trading Name: Shadowsear

Offer: I’m willing to give anything except for legendaries

Request: I just need a delta Golett or delta Golurk in return

Further info: The challenge championship is WAAAAAAY to hard to win even once for the tubing challenge permit. I really just want to complete my Pokedex so I can get UFI and move on to another Pokemon game. Please help, and thanks


First, in trading name, u write YOUR TRADING NAME, second if u let me complete the tube challenge first I could breed ya one for an iv stone


alright, I have one
oh, and, sorry, my trading name is trading Shadowsear

are you still trying to get the delta golett? I don’t want to be rude, I just want to make sure I know how long this might take

Welp , I am kinda busy now, even If didn’t want to get it, I have to complete the dex someday , so, I will go get it for u

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thanks. I’m just really bad with EVs and all that sort of stuff

I completed the whole thing a while ago… If Gia is fine with it, I can get one in like half an hour.

I don’t care who I get it from. I just need one. Yet again willing to trade anything other than legendaries

Cause I don’t have it right now I would recommend just trading with @Luke_Lade , also, could I also get one lol

If it wasn’t for this game’s great story and all, I would hate it for annoying stuff like this

anyways @Luke_Lade I would appreciate if you could trade me one when you get the chance, please

Alright, I’ll breed 2 as soon as I can boot up the game.

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thanks a ton
What’s your trading name?

It’s TailsFx. I’ll reply again once I have them ready.
Also, I would like any PP up’s or PP Max’s you can afford to give away as pay, I suppose.

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um, I’ll see if I have any

alright, I have a spare PP up to give

Ok, they are ready. I’m sending a trade request.


my sandile is holding the PP up

I also have a pp up @Luke_Lade