Need Delta egg

Trading Name: Mewman658

Offer: Any delta egg you want (some exceptions)

Request: delta axew

Further info: i acedentaly killed delta axew my first time, and now i need this one.

I’ve got one at level 5, anything is fine return

ok when do we trade?

I’m good to go right now

ok just a sec

sry its taking so long, im just hatching something

It’s ok, I’m messing around with my profile in the meantime

am i just able to trade the egg because its been 30m and its still not close to hatching.

You can’t trade eggs but you can reduce the step count to hatch the egg in Vipik City for $1 per step

ok ill try

THANK YOU SO MUTCH omg that wouldove taken awhile otherwise.

welp im ready now


No problem

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