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Need Delta Drifloon, Karrablast and Wooper

Trading Name: Blue2ooth

Offer: 1 Heart Scale / 1 IV Stone

Request: Any delta drifloon, karrablast or wooper, or combination of the three. I don’t care about the natures or the IVs, just need them for the dex.

Hi, i can breed them for you, however I need to catch a delta drifloon first lol

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Ok, thanks. If you could post when you’ve got one or more of them, we can negotiate a deal.

Just prepare 3 trash mon, i don’t need anything for return

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Oh! Thanks! I’ve got them in my party, so we can trade whenever you want.

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Hi, the Wooper and Karrablast is ready. But the Drifloon isn’t, I still can’t find it lol. I’ll try to check it again after this

However, you can check this post for a free stuff

And my trade name is Zundalf

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Ok, I’m ready to trade. Do you still want to get the drifloon? Because I’m perfectly fine if you don’t.

Yeah, i will still try. I’ll contact you (maybe via DM) when I found it

I can’t move the cursor lol

K then. I’m ready for the Karrablast and Wooper, if you want to trade them now.

Yes, let’s trade it now, hope the cursor wasn’t stuck again haha

K, I’m sending a request now.

I’ll wait however long you need for the drifloon.

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Cool! I’ll try to find it asap

Hi, I finally get the drifblim! :grin:

Nice! Tell me when you’re ready to trade!

rn! lol

K, I’m sending a request.

tysm! I left something in your secret base as a thanks.

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