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Need delta chinchou and delta bulbasaur

Due to a glitch, I cannot get either. I’m working on a living dex and only these lines remain. My username is Lord01. Any help will be appreciated.

//btw you would normally ask for this in trades :))
… but I can get you both for 2 IV stones?

Sorry I’m new. Thanks for the advice. Ok I can give iv stones.

Haha dw about it, I’m not a moderator or anything and anyways j wanted to let u know cuz you’d probably get more replies in trades xD.

Great! I’ll reply when it’s ready, so j get 2 trashmons with the stones. IGN’s hulaunicorns :))

Thanks a bunch! You sure don’t want any specific mons?

Haha ya I’ve already completed my dex. I mean I’m collecting shiny mons but those aren’t worth the same as the deltas xD. thanks for asking tho!

Oop I already had some so they’re ready now, lmk when you’re good!

Oh! Best of luck for the shines!

ayyy thanks xD

and idk if you saw this already but lmk when you’re ready?

What’s your username? I’m ready for trade.

IGN’s hulaunicorns and i’m online now so send a request when you are too :))

Ok sending

(Send me another request when you’re ready :))

Try again? (I didn’t, the connection j broke xD)

Why did you exit the trade?

Did it work on ur end ?

Yes! Thanks. I’m sending another request.

You got the chinchou too?

Yes, I did

Great! Do you need anything else?