Need Delta Chariazard

Trading Name: TheKillerBee

Offer: Delta Venusaur Lv 65

Request: Strong Delta Charizard

Further info:I will also be giving it with its mega stone if you are interested in trading for it, reply here and we can set up the trade.

What do you consider “strong”?

And trade negotiations must happen here. No email

A Lv 60 or higher what do you have

even 50 but any other strong pokemon might due

My delta charizard is shiny so you can’t have it, but if you want I can start a new game, get a delta charmander and train it up to sixty.

Is the venusaur all you have to offer?

some other deltas Lv 59 Scizor mega

No. That’s against the rules and I’d get banned.

ok im new so i didnt know

Well what strong pokemon do you have you would trade for my venusour

Hi new, I’m dad

I think I’ll pass on this one, but if you open up a new save file (not starting a new game, just using “Save 2” or “Save 3”) and get the charmander, you can send it to me and I’ll train it to sixty for you.

I’m not interested in the Venusaur.

my friend has a low one i can have and train but do you have a good pokemon i can trade my venusour for

The forum welcome message that you receive includes a link to the rules, being new isn’t an excuse and you’ll be banned regardless for it.

Same for including your e-mail*, If you’re trading with people here, trade either here within the comments, or on #generaldiscussion on discord channel.

I don’t want the venusaur. Unless you have a shiny I’m not giving any good pokemon.

Thank you sleepy

Sleepy would you like to trade

Not interested either, sorry.

can i plz do a late hallaween myster gift thing if i can a gengar shiny plz

Sorry? Could you explain again please?

sleepy was not offering shiny pokemon during the halloween givaway did only regular and closed it because set a time for it and did not want to continue with it after that time

if you would like i could offer a 5 iv bagon with eggmoves can train it and evolve to salamence and you can get its megastone after you beat the current content. it is addamant nature and has H.A. so will have moxie as salamence