Need Delta Bulbasaur

Trading Name: WaerlymEX

Offer: Anything except deltas and mega stone

Request: Delta bulbasaur

Further info:I dont need the mega stone. just delta bulbasaur

I got one. How much you wanna give for it?

wait u can pay for pokemon?

Trading. The basic currency is IV stones.

how much do u need?

One sounds fair.

give me 10 mins

Tell me when you got everything ready then.

By the way, do you need a bulbasaur or is venusaur acceptable?

bulbasaur is preferable but venasaur is good

Alrighty then. Ping me when you want to trade, assuming that you know how to trade.

i cant do it now sry but ill talk to u later abt it


dude sry for the delay but i got it

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