Need any shiny Pokémon. Offering giratina

Trading Name: pokimanmaster

Offer: giratina

Request: shiny pokemon

Further info:

You realize you can get Giratina even before the E4, it’s part of the story.


but shiny is more rarer than giratina right
(may be not bczz gira is 1 per save

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i have a shiny well diggersby now but if i truely wanted to i can get another shiny bunnelby/diggersby, and i mean its not like i use it so yea


I have shiny deino lol.

While that is true you are guranteed to find Giratina throughout the playthrough, you are not guranteed to find a shiny throughout your playthrough (with exception of deino mission). Also it’s not like they hand out Shinies like candy, the highest chance in 1 in 256 and the lowest is 1 in 4096, you are going to have the lowest odds throughout most of the play through.

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