Need an Eevee from trade

Trading Name:
Aything you want but I just won pokemon league so less options
Further info:I found an Eevite so wanted an eevee but couldn’t find in the friend safari so if anybody can it’s appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


I can breed ya an eevee lol. Also, I am pretty sure u can buy eevee at the game corner at Saturdays

I couldn’t earn much and game corner so couldn’t buy it and I checked the wiki but it says game corner and friend safari and i told I couldn’t find one there so I am relying on online trade

You unlock more pokemon in the friend safari after beating the 6th and 8th gym respectively, you can tell what you possibly could get by looking at the slots, these tell you what pokemon you might get an Eevee in your friend safari if you have a normal-type friend safari and have completed the 6th gym.

Hmm…you couldn’t? Weird…

I won the torren league and know about the three slots in friend safari. I searched 3 days roaming in random bases but couldn’t find an eevee

no. go look in friend safari, with the user Lesss. Keep checking. You WILL find one.

Okay as you say

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