Need a regular snorlax

Trading Name: froggi_chair

Offer: I have a few delta aarons, delta cyndaquils, and I have a few HA spiritombs, all bred. Of course if you want I can get you an IV stone
Request: Reg Snorlax for pokedex

Further info:

i have one, trading name protectscroll

do you happen to have a delta beldum (spider)? if not the delta cyndaquil is fine too haha

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I actually do when do you want to trade?

Will you be on today? I’m on right now if you can do that

what time zone are you in?

Central time zone in us

alright same, when do you want to trade?

doesnt matter to me, any time tonight

awesome how about 8?

ok works for me

are you online now? if so whats your user

it’s protectscroll

alright mine is froggi_chair

can i actually get one of those ha spiritombs instead lol i got a spider beldum already

Yea definitely

thanks :smiley:

yup np

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