Need a Pokerus mon

Trading Name: darkknight2696

Offer: 1 iv stone

Request: pokemon with pokerus

Further info:

I can give you a Pokerus mon, but I’m not sure if the bug where it disappears when traded was fixed yet.

Thank you .When you are online give me a message

Can you trade right now?

Sry I was busy.if u r online I can trade now

Yes. Gimme a sec.

Trade on your queue.

What is your trade name


I think game is buggy.i can’t trade

You didn’t give me the queue. Exit out. Tell me when to send it BEFORE you enter my name.

Sry it was my online name name. My username is darkknight2696 iam new to game

Okay. Trade on your queue

It is working now .I can trade now

Trade on your queue.

Does the pokemon still have Pokerus? Check the summary.

No it is gone

Looks like it still disappears after trading. I’ll give you your IV stone back.

no problem u can have it.Thank u for your patience