Need a masuda method ditto

Trading Name: Vihaan

Offer: Delta Torchic or anything else

Request: Any Masuda method normal ditto.

Further info:Im trying to get shiny absol becuase I love it so much.

most people would want another delta ditto in exchange for their delta ditto (usually a foreign one). sometimes they’ll also be fine with shinies etc.

as for your absol, its best to just dexnav one rather than breed. breeding is mainly for egg moves (for regulars) and shiny deltas.

but he said a normal ditto

Yea m4sky is right I only want normal ditto but I will try dexnav.

I dont shiny hunt much so is it possible for a catch combo? Like are catch combos in this game.


Thanks but if all hope is lost I will still be trading for a masuda method NORMAL NOT DELTA ditto.

uhh what is your region thats also important info to provide

oH RIGHT ._. Im in america, california

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