Need a delta noibat

Trading Name: Maximal


Request: Delta noibat

Further info:

First, welcome to the community @Maximal!
Second, I can breed you one

Nice,tysm. When can you give it?

I don’t know, in 3 hours


False alarm, in one hour


Just hatched it, can you trade now? @Maximal

Maybe in an hour?


Hey,can you do it now?

You there?

Sorry for the late response! I was not home yesterday. Can you trade now? @Maximal

it’s okay.Sure I can trade now.

Damn. Can’t trade now again. Sorry. I have to go somewhere. I can trade in 3-4 hours. Again sorry

Well…I cant be here in the next couple of hours.I guess we just trade tomorrow at this same time?

Yeah, why not.

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