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Need a Delta Growlithe


Trading Name: Tian

Offer: Delta Ralts (male) level 15

Request: Delta Growlithe level 1

Further info: Has to have intimidate, and preferably a nature that does not decrease attack or speed.

P.S: I’m a newcomer to this game so I don’t have that many other pokemon to trade. I want this growlithe because It’s pretty awesome and It’s also one of my favorite.


You can get it in Narra Town. Trade any Level 52 Pokemon for it.


i can get one for you, i dont need your delta ralts keep it


Thank you, Im online now how about you


My username is actually Tian’ not Tian sorry for the confusion


ok, sorry it took so long, ill be on today and tomorrow


Im on right now @mewman658


@mewman658 Alright Im no longer online however I will be tomorrow at around 10:00AM EST


Hello, are you online now @mewman658


Hello?, @mewman658


Alright, I now have what I wanted. This matter has now found its resolution

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