NEED a beldum pls

Trading Name: Dogebama

Offer: pokemon or money

Request: Beldum

Further info:any iv ev nature

i can give you a metang

yes plsease

what can I give for exchange

I can trade you one of my 5IV beldums for free

yes pls

When are you able to trade?

Wow can be on after 5hrs

Unfortunately I won’t be online then, and I’ll be away for two days. We can trade then if you don’t mind waiting a little bit or now if you’re online.

ok I will be on now

ok just grab a trash mon

@Dogebama ready?

yes im good

Ok my trade name is megastone, send a trade request in 30 seconds


Got it?


no problem, enjoy :slight_smile:

i do need a beldum too,if you wish to give me okay, but,if it’s case, i trade for it.

i have a beldum