My Team in Game

Hello fellas! i’m here because i can’t decide the rest of my team… can someone help me with this?

i’m planning this team for now:

Delta Charizard
Delta Gardevoir (Gallade or Scisor)
Thyplosion (or Rapidash)
Feraligtr (Greninja,Azumarill or Starmie)

Take typhlosion instead of rapidash, it gets an amazing mega in this game. I suggest a delta haxorus( water/steel) for your water type.for the 5th slot, I say delta metagross(bug/ground) would be nice, giving you a good electric counter.he comes pretty late game though, but you should be fine using another ground type of your choice

. If u want your sixth slot, scroll down

Delta SNORLAX with belly drum. THIS IS A GOD!!!

Do you want movesets and items?

but the delta munchlax we only get in mistery gift…

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No there is a hidden grotto where you can find it. Don’t worry

really? where? and about the move sets and itens it will be a great help

You can find all these locations on the insurgence Wiki. Gimme a minute for movesets

D. Charizard w megastone
-shadow ball( obviously)

  • Dragon pulse(STAB)
  • flamethrower( bug and grass resistance )
  • lunar cannon( noctem ability makes it OP)
    D. GARDEVOIR w choice scarf
    ( item to outspeed faster mons and ko them)
  • ice beam(STAB)
  • thunderbolt(STAB)
  • psychic( good move)
  • thunder( for the 7th gym, which is rain themed)
    D. Haxorus w life orb
    -iron head/heavy slam( both are good moves. It’s your choice)
  • aqua tail
  • crunch
  • ice fang
    Typhlosion w megastone
  • eruption( utter brilliance)
  • flamethrower( duh)
  • focus blast(accuracy problems but still good)
  • ( this is your choice)
    D. Metagross
    -X- scissor
  • earthquake
  • gunk shot
  • stealth rocks
    D. Snorlax w leftovers
  • belly drum
  • seed bomb
  • drain punch
  • earthquake

thanks for help!

but wich delta metagross? the spider or the ruin?


and i need a temporary aquatic pokemon to use in the first gym

Piplup, totodile and Marill are your best choices

thanks again for help,i won the first and the second gym without problems,actualy i’m with Delta Kirlia,D.Charizard and Typhlosion (and the Azumarill temporary)

Here’s some advice.
If you prevent east’s skarmory from setting up spikes, you’ve pretty much won the battle

i’m in Murk Forest now,and i need to train my delta munchlax and evolve him

try shuckle while you wait for d.metagorss super tanky and can dish out some decent damage and maybe close combat instead of focus blast on Typhlosion then their no accuracy problem but lowers defence

someone knows where is the move reminder?

Master T7 is right. Cc’d is a better move but play it carefully. To evolve delta munc
h lax, feed him some EV reducing berries

He evolved,but at a level where he didn’t learn the earthquake