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My shiny Drowse for Eviolite

Trading Name: Cronos

Offer: Shiny Drowse

Request: Eviolite

Further info: Brave Nature…

I have one. Can we trade now?


any particular pokemon?

I mean, i would like a male delta froakie, but i’m okay with any

you ready?

My game isn’t opening, it says “wrong size”
I will restart my pc, back in a minute

Alright! ready!

My trading name is sqiddy747

so… how do I trade?

press d, click the button that looks a bit like a cable, log in, select trade and type my trading name into the box

So I have to open the Dexnav?

yes you do

it’s opening…

Wait, it isn’t
I have to be connected to the internet? like, go to the secret base first?

sorry, i didn’t pick up the dexnav

You need to have internet connection

can’t you get the dexnav quickly from shade forest? the pikataxi isn’t that expensive

Sorry sqiddy! I am a new guy here, created another account

I understand if you Can’t trade right now, I took a lot of your time