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My Nuzlocke Randomizer

Hello everyone! This is my nuzlocke randomizer experience. What this will be about: My run through the world of Pokemon Insurgence! It will be filled with suffering, humor, drama and depression, that will scar my pokemon career forever so, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

I just hope everyone enjoys, because if you do subscribe and hit that noti- I MEAN change notifications to watching cause this is gonna be good! (i hope.)

Everyone knows the regular nuzlocke rules, 1.Pokemon can’t be revived and 2. I can only catch 1 pokemon per route. 3. (An unspoken rule) I cannot soft reset at ANY time.

Well let’s just get into it. Hope you are entertained. Comments ARE appreciated. If i like your comment you can choose a name for my pokemon!



Sooooo, How’s everyone’s day? Well hopefully i have a good day too. This week for me has not been any fun AT ALL.
I’ve cried and have been depressed a lot more than i bargained for. If some of you didn’t know, i am bipolar and i suffer from anxiety.
That is not a good combo for your mental state, but hey i’ve been living with it. BUT content is content, and even though i’m not happy,
i love to make other people happy. BTW Comments are heavily appreciated. Who Knows might get a pokemon named after you.
Ah yes, for those who lived through this boring epilogue i present you with a custom rule.
The custom rules states that i cannot overlevel my pokemon, it has to be at most 5 lvls above the opponent’s pokemon or lower than 5 lvls.
Well without further ado, i hope you enjoy: MY POKEMON NUZLOCKE EXPERIENCE.

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Hope things get better for you in the future. Also this is a prologue since this is before the story

Yes thxs for the fix, i mean correction

No problem

First of all, hi. First time properly introducing myself. My name is FireFiber, but people call me Fire. I’ve been here a while, but first time seeing you here. I was on a Hiatus for a while, so that’s probably why. Anyway, have fun with this. Nuzlockes are hard, but they are challenging in a fun way. Be careful, and use and love all your Pokémon equally.

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Also, sometimes, I go crazy with the like button lmao


Ah thanks, i shall name my 2nd pokemon after you FireFiber the great!


she also killed me in nuzlocke

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Im working on Ep.1 as of now.

Uhm we don’t talk about Srikar Beta

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it was an inferior Srikar.

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My starter will be Srikar ALPHA

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or version 1.0

Little do you know its a magikarp or something crappy like that

It a ninjask

a shedninja

I was pretty close. Also I didn’t say this in the other topic but RIP Bianca

Also, randomizers are AWESOME! So much surprise and ya never know what you get. As for your mental condition, pm me. I’m online at least once every 5 hours, and I’m not a certified psychologist, but talk to me if ya feel down. I know what it’s like to not talk to someone and keeping stuff in. I lost my uncle that way.

@Firefiber733339 thxs. You are honorary member of my team!

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