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My munchlax just straight-up disappeared?

Hi all,
I’m trying to complete the ‘dex, so one of the pokemon I need is snorlax. My pokedex says I have a munchlax, but it’s nowhere in any of my boxes. Odd, I think, so I go to Hekate town to grab the Munchlax egg. Come to find out, the egg dealer ain’t sellin’ anything. And the snorlax I could get on route 8 I KO’ed during my playthrough. So, somehow my munchlax straight-up got yeeted outta my pc. Any way I can fix it? Or another way to get a munchlax?
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: To clarify, not Delta munchlax. I got him just fine. It’s regular that I’m having trouble with.

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Welcome back to community @Gaburieru :joy: :joy: :joy:

Did you wondertrade or release it by an accident

No and no. I’ve only used wondertrade to get space mew and i haven’t released anything.

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Nevermind, I got someone to trade me one on the discord.

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Ok Good Luck