My game is not smooth, is like playing with 5 fps

hi, well i just dowload the game, and when i start playing is like playing whith 5 fps, is not smooth at all, and i dont know why this happen, i dowloaded the game 3 times and its the same, i try playing whith the m, and its the same , i just want to play fluidly :,c

are you running anything in the background? that may be why it’s running so slowly

is you pc intel i1 ?? and 512mb ram cuz mine is a 2gb and core 2 duo and running fine

nope, the only thing i use its chrome and i close it when i game

well i have a AMD E1-500 APU whith radeon™ HD graphics 1.48 ghz and 4 gb of ram , is this what you are refering to?