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My Delta Solgaleo (First Post)

Just bored and decided to make this

Dex Entry

Delta Solgelao
Fire and Physic
The Surging Pokemon
This rare form of solgelao is surging with rage and has a burning passion for protecting it’s trainer

Normal Abillity:
Genius Blaze: Makes physic and fire type moves stronger when below 33% health

Hidden Abillity:
Blazing Shield: This pokemon is engulfed in a shield formed of physic and flaming energy. It takes reduced damage from all incoming damage both physical and special. (All damage done to this pokemon is reduced by half). This ability is active when the pokemon is at 50% percent health


seems kinda op no?

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I think i made it better

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Well, only when <25% HP, so it won’t have much HP to survive with anyways. A hit that brings it to 25% or below will still KO, but it can live weak hits to heal. It’s kinda bad, considering most things will likely 2HKO.

the og ability was it taking half from everything lol

Ah. I think 1/3 would be more useful and reasonable, since this is an Ubers mon.

I think this makes it better because its an ubers mon and i I were to actually be able to implement it i would just have the mon be super difficult to catch

i can’t see the sprite but at least you made him more sun like

literally why is the sun weak to fire!

I think it’s mainly bc the sun isn’t actually fire :moyai:

more so it’s the nuclear fusion of hydrogen and helium


Yeah, I agree @Sbeve


DeltaSolgelaoFirePsychic (2)

This is the delta solgelao when not in it’s shielded form