Munchlax grotto broken?

Hey guys,
I am doing my first play through of this game, and I am struggling to find any pokemon in that grotto at all. Instead, a single pokeball that can’t be interacted with spawns in the pokemon’s place. I haven’t messed with my computer’s or the ingame time at all. Is there a known fix to this?

It worked for me, but it think I got 5 or so items in a row before I got a Pokémon, so it may just be that your unlucky

yeah usually u get items and I to had trouble w Munchlax but not being able to interact is weird.
and u don’t have to wait if u don’t get what u want just make sure u save before going and if u don’t get what u want just soft reset

Ah I didn’t know about that, thank you! I was also confused that I couldn’t pick it up. I’ll check again soon.