Move animations

This is one for the Devs.

Do you currently have someone that works on making move animations? I ask this because, as it stands, the animations for in-battle moves leave much to be desired… Even the new insurgence only moves aren’t very good looking, and Dragon ascent is just silly.

I understand that it can be an awkward or lengthy process that might not be priority for the current beta state of the game, but it’s something I feel is important for a pokemon game in general: watching two .pngs flash at eachother with some flavour text isn’t exactly ideal, which brings me to what I have to say.

If you don’t have someone currently working on move animations, I’d like to offer to do it. I don’t claim to be a master crafter, but I know I can adequately replicate most, if not, all of the moves comparably to how they look in standard games. I may need a little assistance at the very beginning, but I’ve seen enough of how the move editor works to know that it’d be easy, if lengthy, to make the moves, which isn’t an issue as I have lots of free time!

how did you learn dragon ascent?

One of the battles in insurgence has it

Oh right do you mean against that battle at **** T**** against *** *****

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You might be spoiling people munners :grinning:

Hahaha you’re right my bad, i fixed it :slight_smile: