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Mount Rose Grotto Glitched (No Item Spawns)

Hello. I am having a problem with the Mt. Rose Hidden Grotto not respawning anything. I’m trying to get Delta Phantump, but nothing spawns. No hidden items. No Pokemon. Nothing appears. Can anyone help me out, please?

Maybe this will help?

Thank you, but I’ve already wandered around and tried the PC Clock trick. Nothing is working. Am I going to have to trade with someone?

Yes, if ya want, I can breed ya one, was bout to go catch it anyways

That would be nice. Thank you! Look for Saturn. Is there something you want, in return?

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I don’t really want anything but an iv stone would be cool. If u have an iv stone u are willing to give, u can leave it in my secret base, my name is Kafkinos

Alrighty! It’ll take me a few moments, but I will get you that IV Stone for you!

Thanks, will breed it in a bit, it is 7 am here lmao

It’s 11:00 PM where I am. Again, thank you for helping out!

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No problem, will ping ya when I am done

I got the IV Stone! Want me to put it in the mailbox or something? I’m a little new to this kind of stuff.

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Yeah, put it in the mail box

Got it! It’s in the mail!

Cool, thanks, I’mma go breed ya phantump in a bit, still at bed lmao

That’s fine! I’m patient! I have a shiny Ponyta, if you want that as a trade!

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I mean, that ain’t worth it lmao, a shiny is not worth a Delta alone, but because I am interested in this thing,go to my page Here , so we can arrange a fair deal

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I’m sorry for being antsy and bugging you.

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Btw, I have bred ralts and phuntump, haven’t bred the other ones yet @SD156

Alrighty. I’m really sorry for bugging you. I’m just scared of missing a message and taking forever to respond. I try my best to reply as soon as I can.

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Alrighty, will let ya know when I also have the other mons, btw, don’t trade me the shiny pony, just trade me a trash Mon @SD156