More TM's

just a suggestion but i think there should be more TM’s in the game. moves like Ice beam, Flamethrower are inaccesible so most pokemons pretty much hav crappy movesets.

This is not the complete game, it even says so in the beginning screens.

The next large content update (1.2) will make sure all TMs/HMs, Pokemon Species, Previous Mystery Gifts and more available. It has also been confirmed by thesuzerain himself that 1.2 will be the Final Content Update (This does not include bug fixes/patches.).

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aaaahh now thats good to know. i was having problems with my greninjas moveset. he cant learn ice beam or dark pulse by himself. well im excited bout the next update then!!! :joy:

There is a way to get a greninja with ice beam

please explain

Breed a male lapras/remoraid/seel with female froakie to obtain a froakie with ice beam, TMs can be passed down by males through breeding, in insurgence. That’s what Cow538 meant.

Dark pulse cam not be bred onto froakie now though, so you’ll have to wait till 1.2 for that.