Mission 7

This is the one where you can actually battle Latios.

…is this Latios catchable? 1 HP and paralyzed via False Swipe, and struggles twice on me now. I know it’s a legend and it’s hard, but I want to make sure I’m not futile in trying.

It should be.

yeah took me a third try and overall about 150 ultra balls to get it, but I did.

Good job!

Using Ultra balls on post game legend

I basically just use regular poke balls for everything, haven’t done the arceus quest yet, but it still just use regular pokeballs. I’m that stubborn XD.

Also, you guys saw the episode with the master ball, right? XD

Arceus has perish song. It will kill itself.

I’ll level up a pokemon with soundproof , have both false swipe and thunder wave, toss poke balls likea madman :stuck_out_tongue:

I got meloetta just now after 5-7 tries…FINALLY XD, with just pokeballs

Here she is XD

If you have the possibility to use Ancient Balls, you really should use them.