Might be stuck after updating?

Hello. I might have screwed up by updating to 1.2.3 ; before updating, I had saved in the Slither Forest just after catching the… unique encounter, which is after you use Heart Swap to get to the other side. After updating, I went south to go back from where I came from, and the Manaphy statue was on my side–not where it was after using Heart Swap. This means that I might be trapped in the northern half of the island, as the two halves are blocked by an impenetrable wall of trees and the uses of Fly or Escape Rope are blocked. As the Pikapad item was not in 1.2.2, I do not have access to it in my bag to soar or fly out by that means. Is there a potential way I could be able to get out of this situation? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Try fainting your team with the DexNav trainers. If that doesn’t work, reload from a previous save.

Will do–thank you very much!