Mew shiny hunt quicksave while cutscene

After going my way through the crystal caverns in Amphitrite city i encountered the Mew and thought to myself “well lets shiny hunt it”. After a pair of resets i accidentally pressed “v” (autosave) instead of “c” while you can hear mew`s cry and then starting the battle basically “trapping” me in it. My Question now would be, can it still be shiny? Because im not sure at what point it´s calculated if the pokemon is shiny or not. Would be a bummer if i cant shiny hunt it, because of that missclick :/…

Try catching it a few times without saving and checking it’s stats/IV’s. If the stats/IV’s (and maybe nature too if you’re not using a pokemon with synchronize in the first slot) are different every time, then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, I’d just load a backup save.

Thank you very much, yes the IVs and the natures were different a pair of times. Dont know why i didnt think of that lol, but anyways thank u :))

After about 1853 encounters i finally got it, the ivs and nature are both obviously not the best but im so glad i actually got it

nice! All things considered, that’s actually not bad on total attempts. IV’s can be fixed up easily with stones, although definitely not the worst thing in the world if mew has a low atk IV.

Also FYI if you want to shiny hunt Giratina, Arceus, or Kyogre then I would suggest actually quick saving right before the battle begins just like you did with Mew. It’ll be a total time saver, but will also lock you into that hunt.