Mega D-Venusaur or not?

Building up a team/bench now and I’ve used three IV stones on my D-Venusaur, so it is getting a spot on my team.

Modest nature.

I’m wondering whether to throw a megastone on it - or to allow another mega on the team. If no megastone, then I’m thinking Psychoboost, Calm mind, Moon Blast, Thunderbolt. If yes on the mega stone, then I’m thinking of throwing calm mind out for energy ball.

try moonlight, psychic calm mind & moonblast not a lot of coverage, but double stab is nice

try bulky- I always use my dm venusaur that way to set up then sweep

Psycho Boost isn’t very good for a setup sweeper. Stat drop moves (Overheat, Draco Meteor, Psycho Boost, etc.) are usually used on fast attackers which switch out a lot.