Masuda D Ditto Chart


I don’t get it.

That’s not rly the chart

Wait it is the chart

im a dumbo

If it happened that way, my Delta ditto would have been psychic type

The chart is fine, it is just that your Delta ditto typing when you catch it isnt depending on your comp language, it will always start out as a water type


It does and then it randomly changes to a different typing. Mine was water then turned into a flying type

Did it happen to use mirror move when you were battling it?

Not sure

it changes bak to it’s water type after battle

I don’t remember things I don’t find important

I can recite the animaniacs theme song though

mine one time stayed with a different type than water though

my life lmao

ik mine is fighting for some reason

also this isn’t rly a guide anymore so let’s shut up

delete all messages