"Map is just trees" glitch

So, I tried downloading Insurgence several times through different mirrors and launcher, and I have some bugs and glitches all the time:

  1. No grass in overworld map. It goes as far as second gym, i didn’t have patience to go further with it;
  2. Several locations, including first town upon entering don’t display; I can see only trees, or only cave wall, etc.
  3. Some random game.exe bugs, but i think its due weak laptop.

I don’t know if it matters, but I other play RPG makers games, but I wanna experience bug-free Insurgence since it is finished.

I can post screenshots if needed.

So… Can anyone help?


Yeah I think screenshots would help. Are you on mac or windows?

Windows 10 master race, so…

Screenshots: (Beginning of the game)

Bez tytułu2

Bez tytułu

Later in the game, characters turn purple for some reason