Make the Timeless Harder

All members of the elite four were stronger than any of the (non leader) timeless. The player is limited when fighting the E-4, on medium they are on the set battle style, and on hard they have multiplayer rules. The main issue with the Timeless is that they have similar levels to the champion. Fights like Audrey 2, Zenith, and Nyx are incredibly difficult because of their higher levels. Now normally I don’t like just bumping up the level of opponents because it is cheap difficulty, but the E-4 are lvl 88-92. The player had to beat the champion after 4 tough fights deleted their resources, and with the Timeless there was an option to make each of them more difficult than the champion because you can go and heal between each one.

To the best of my knowledge the E4 and champion scale to your highest level pokemon thats why that seemed harder and no matter what they are always on your level while the post game expects you to slowly climb to the 100s so later quests get WAAAY harder if you don’t grind alot

but for the elite four I only grinded to lvl 88 and as close to zero xp to lvl 89 as possible. The champion himself was the only one who had pokemon over lvl 90, and he was a great challenge.

maybe a pokemon in the back leveled up with out you realizing

I thought that that was meant to be the difficulty of the elite four, when 1 of your pokemon level up from battle all of the opponents pokemon also level up. the first one I did was moderately easy, but the last one I did needed 4 resets.

maybe something leveled up to a higher level with out you using it that might have been it the same thing happened to me on my first playthrough of insurgence the champion was level 109 when the rest of my team was level 100-103 except for the shuckle which was 109 appearently mainly because it had the exp. share

but in reality it was probably the fact that the battle style was forced to set…

lol probably that too