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MAC Game crashing at title screen

Hello all. I am a MAC user attempting to play the game, I successfully downloaded wine and the core as per the instructions on the website, and the game does launch, but once I get to the title screen “Please press enter to continue” as soon as I press any button the game immediately crashes with the program error “The program Game.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”. Don’t know if anyone else has had the same issue or if I am doing something wrong but any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

I am having the same issue. I had a different issue with freezing on my laptop running Mac OS Monterey, so I tried installing it on my older laptop running Mac OS X Mojave. It crashes every time on the Please press enter to continue screen.

I got it working. Find the file “151cry.wav” and delete it. For some reason, Mew’s cry crashes the game

151cry.mp3, but yes, the mp3 files can cause crashes on some versions of macos.