Mac 10.14 Mojave - Game crashes on Title Screen

I played Insurgence a couple of years ago on Mac and installed using Wineskin, no problems at all. I’ve just re-downloaded and have gone through the weird Terminal command process.

The game is fully installed and boots up when I run the command, but as I get to the Title Screen (with Mew), as soon as I press Enter it freezes and spools up my fan to maximum.

I just tried running the command

"$HOME/pkmn_insurg/Run-Pokémon-Insurgence.command" tail

in Terminal as well, which returns the following errors for me:

Should I reinstall at this point or is there a workaround here?

Delete cry151.mp3

Ok, thanks. I wasn’t expecting that I am gonna find your post while searching for website online. I am so glad I found your post.