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Looking to trade for a Delta Squirtle

Trading Name: KingNova777

Offer: Jolly Nature Delta Riolu holding a Delta Lucarionite

Request: Delta Squirtle, with a Bold, Calm, or Modest Nature if possible

Further info: Delta Squirtle nicknamed “Shinotoise”. For some reason Damian gave me a Delta Charmander even though it was already my chosen starter. I’m planning on making a “Delta” Version of Red’s Team.

would a delta blastoise work? And what type is delta Lucario?

Delta Lucario is Dark/Ground. Yeah Delta Blastoise would work.

So what’s your Trading Name?

Sqiddy747. I am going to assume that you did not receive this location in trade and have gone to Holon yourself. If it is possible, can I have an eevite instead of the delta lucarionite? Also, is it ok if I don’t have the Delta Blastoise mega stone cos I traded it to my friend a while ago?


What time is it in ur country

Just so I am able to try and find a sensible time to do this cos I can’t play Pokemon right now

And for all I know, u could be living on the other side of the world!

It’s currently 21:26pm


U ok for Sunday?


Do u have preferred time?

3:00pm on Sunday is fine.

Any time possible before that?

Before 11:00am is fine.

Ok. So 11am uk (I think) time on Sunday?

Or ten?