Looking to get a delta grimer

Trading Name: gabthe00829

Offer: Anything of your choosing

Request: delta grimer

Further info: I’ve beaten the E4 and I am trying to complete my pokedex

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Sorry I only have Delta Muk

That would work too

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KK you have Delta Regirock?

No anything else you might want?

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delta lucario with mega?

I have a delta lucario but no mega stone is that good?

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could u try to get the mega stone?

actually sorry I can’t I feel kinda bad completing the game with a lucario that was cheated so I can’t maybe after I beat the game

Oh ok no worries then

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Anything else you want in exchange for a delta muk?

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Do you still need the Delta Grimer?

Yes I do

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When can you trade?

My trading name is the same as my username, any mon that you send is fine

I can in 6 hours is that good?

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yes, send a message when you are ready

see ya in 6 hours

Sounds good thx man

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I’m ready

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Can you trade now?


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