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Looking to change my Excadrill's ability[...]


Trading Name: Sharla0

Offer: Ability Capsule

Request: Looking for someone to change my Excadrill’s ability to hidden ability

Further info: I don’t have that much, but my dream mist is on my excadrill, and I’ll send a junk Pokemon with the ability capsule ^^’

I do not have access to Gaea Town


i can do that for you, just tell me when your ready to trade.


I can get on now :slight_smile: What’s your trading name?






I’m waiting for your prompt on the trade screen O_O


well, my screen broke, so i quit the trade, so idk whats going on.


Did you want your Grimer back with the Ability Capsule?


i don’t really need the grimer but idc.


and btw im done.


Ah thanks :smiley:


no problem.:+1:


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