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Looking for soaring deltas


Trading Name: Belkend

Offer: Anything available around, or before badge 7 areas

Request: Delta Pikachu (or Delta Pichu) And Delta Drifloon

Further info: I was a forehead and knocked out the only ones available after I unlocked the ability to soar. If anyone would be gracious enough to help me out for completion sake, I’d appreciated it.



I could breed ya both if you’d like, i dont need anything in return as i’ve done post game and dont need the pokemons that are found, if you have discord you can add me (PuchongBoy#0239)

Edit : I have already breeded the soaring deltas :3



Hey! That would be awesome and very helpful. If you could give me a little time, if be more than happy to hop on and trade with you. I should be free in about an hour. I also have discord. I’ll add you on there too.



I went ahead and sent you a discord friend request. Should be from Belkend. Same name on the forums. Feel free to message me at your leisure. I’ll be gone for the next 8 hours. Thanks again for your help!

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