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Looking for shiny mons

Trading Name: kev1212

Offer: Legends, your choice of nature, iv stones, bredmons, maybe other shiny mons

Request: shiny mons, shiny delta mons, shiny legendary mons

Further info: trading stuff for shiny mons, mostly offering my own shiny mons as multiple for a shiny delta or something, lmk what you have and what youre looking for, I am happy to sync a legendary to be your desired nature

What shiny pokemon do you currently have? I have off natured Abomasnow, Swoobat, and Ursaring available

adamant cottonee, adamant mr mime, brave starmie, docile octillery, rash unfezant. What nature is ursaring?

for anyone else interested, i have many more shinies than that, those are just my off nature shiny mons to trade

Ursaring is timid, swoobat is careful, and abomasnow is bold

id be willing to trade any of the shinies i listed other than octillery for ursaring and or abomasnow

I’d be good trading ursaring for your starmie!

I also have a shiny Onix/Steelix with an impish nature, but I’d only be willing to give that away for another shiny that I really like.

E: You can now add a modest Chimecho to the list of shinies available for trade!

cool cool, whats your trade name? do you have discord? when are you available to trade?

i have a shiny latios lol , LF Shiny Deltas or a Shiny Legend kek

My trade name is same as on here. I do have discord, but been awhile since I used it and need to find out my login info again.

I should be good to trade in about an hour or so?

cool cool, my trade name is kev1212, are you ready?

Ready now!

ok, ready

awesome, thank you

no problem! any other shinies you’re willing to trade that you didn’t list before?

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