Looking for Pokerus

Trading Name: TheRoyalEmpoleon

Offer: ?

Request: Anything with pokerus To help EV train

Further info: Just looking for pokerus to help me beat the E4

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Hi, I would like to trade with you!

I have a Lapras & a Lillipup with Pokerus!

Hey, I appreciate the assistance, please let me know when you’re ready to trade

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Ok I’m ready! Oh & which one of the two pokemon would you like to have?

My trading name is Epsilom 317

Sorry about the delay, I would like the lapras please. I’m ready to trade whenever you are.

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Ok! Ready!

name: TheRoyalEmpoleon

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wait, just need to go to the pc give me a minute

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Ok! :smile:

sorry for the delay, searching now

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Thank you

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:blush: You’re welcome! :grin:

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