Looking for PokeDex Help

Trading Name: MadArcanist

Offer: Heart Scales

Request: Looking for D. Golett, D. Karrablast, and touch trades for Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit

Further info: D. Golett and D. Karrablast don’t need IVs or Natures, just need them for the 'Dex. As for the legendaries, again just looking to touch trade, not looking to keep them. 1 Heart Scale per mon, so if one person was kind enough to do all 5 I’d drop off 5 Heart Scales to their base. Thanks in advance!

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I can trade you all of these for free lol, but if you really want to, you can give me one heart scale or something

That would be amazing! I can drop the Heart Scales off at your Secret Base. Are you free to trade in a few minutes?

I have class in 12 minutes, if we can trade before then, I’m free :v:

I’ll hop online asap then

Ok then

Oh wait I’m sorry i can’t trade now lol. Mom is taking class rn

No problem, when are you free next?

In 2 hours, my class will end. I’m free then

We’ll have to arrange a different time in that case, that’ll be 1 AM for me, haha

Ohh, what about 1 hour i have a break that time although it’s only a 5 minute break

I’ll prob be asleep by then to be honest. I’m in no big rush, so I can work with whenever’s best for you. Thanks though!

Ok, just reply on here when you wake up then :smile:. We are 12 hours apart from what you said lol

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Haha fair enough, talk to you again soon then!

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@Aj2005, are ou available to trade?

Hi, are you still able to trade?

Yup I’m still here lol, internet cut off for a couple of days

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No problem, not trying to be a pest haha

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Lol, it’s bed time for me now, but when i wake up I’ll reply i guess

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All good, later then