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Looking for Other Shinies

Trading Name: Blade_HM

Offer: Shiny Brave Zebstrika, Shiny Adamant Shiftry, Shiny Brave Spinda, Shiny Timid Stantler,
Shiny Relaxed Quagsire, Shiny Adamant Sizor, Shiny Timid Magcargo, Shiny Jolly Crawdaunt,
Shiny Quiet Chandelure, Shiny Serious Lilligant, Shiny Naughty Golem

Request: Delta Shinies/Other Shinies

Further info:

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I love that entire collection. I have a few spare delta shinies that I phased for that just sit in my box without any real use. Could offer…maybe 5-6? 6IV, but nature can’t be guaranteed.

well which delta shinies could u offer?

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I have almost every single delta shiny afaik

Oh and btw that list kinda got changed a bit cuz i traded that Spinda for a Modest Nidoking and also added a Shiny Delta Bisharp

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oh i see so u said u can trade 5-6 delta shinies for the whole list? right?

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Yeah. I can trade rn if you’d like

well just to be safe can u show me the location page of the delta shinies?

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and yes i am ready to trade rn

Alrighty. I should warn you, they arent very competitively good.

yea thats alright

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Aight. Nokia quality pics comin in

oh alr

Oh also, another warning, the dates can be really wonky. I change them for other Pokémon games and sometimes forget to change them back

well anyways the trade is the whole list above with a Shiny Modest Nidoking in the place of the Spinda for 6 delta shinies right

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oh hmm ig thats alr

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Wait 6?

Oh yeah 6 nvm lmao

yea well anyways u are posting the pics right