Looking for ideas for a Noctem-based story run

Basically, I’m an edgelord, and as an edgelord, I think the New Moon weather and everything related to it is really, really cool. I also really enjoy planning out my runs of games before I do them. With all that said, I’d really like to do a run with a team centered around the Darkness weather condition, with solid ghost types, dark types, Shadow Dance/Heliophobia/Absolution users, etc.

However, given how much of the game’s coolest Deltas are locked until after the end of the game, I figured that I would ask you all for suggestions on what’s available and effective for a story mode Darkness team. What works? What’s a trap? What are some teams or mons that heavily threaten this kind of operation? I’m figuring that Mega D.Charizard and Noctem Spiritomb are critical to this sort of team, but I’m just not sure what to fill the other slots with.

Thank you for your time.

Be careful of the fairy type gym. She will hurt alot. Also, dont just base around darkness only. You are risking a sweep by any fighting/fairy type. Also adam will be hard, the elite 4 will be almost impossible, and reruka WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE.

Fairy types aren’t that much of an issue with delta volco. Fighting, maybe.

That is why we have Delta Roserade to nuke fighting types from Orbit with Moonblast

D.Volco is postgame, though, right?

It won’t just be dark types…I mean, gen 5 sun teams ran several support mons in order to make up for using Ninetales to set weather, so I figure that I’ll be using Ghost and Dark mons alongside other pokemon to deal with other threats to the team. For instance, Aegislash should deal well with most fairies, and I can probably fit in some fire coverage for M.Mawile or something. I figure I’ll also need something to rinse T-Tar; a strong Surfer or Aura Sphere user like Starmie or Mew should do the trick.

IK what you mean when you say Reruka will be murder. T-Tar is not fun for this team, and D.Volco is, as mentioned earlier, absurdly strong. However, I’ve already got a few ideas. Can armors be swapped with Trick? using Prankster Sableye with an Iron Ball sounds like a good way to get DVo on the ground so something like D.Metagross (S) can take it out.

Of course, he/she is post game. You can ask for it from other people. You don’t have to limit yourself in that way. Some people may be willing. (I would imagine most would not).

Arigami, New Moon weakens Fairy type moves.

Suggestion for a Noctem team.

Delta Charizard
Delta Charizardite
Spirit Call/Noctem
Lunar Cannon
Dragon Pulse
Sludge Bomb

Dark Rock
Lunar Cannon
Shadow Ball
Pain Split

Delta Roserade
Dark Rock
Lunar Cannon
New Moon
Air Slash

Delta Volcarona
Delta Volcarona Armor
Dark Pulse
Sludge Wave
Giga Drain
Spacial Rend

Delta Electivire
Persim Berry
Shadow Dance
Rock Slide

Thick Club
Battle Armour
Stone Edge
Phantom Force
Shadow Sneak

once again, this is a team for story mode. I would love to use Shadow Dance D.Electivire or D.Volcarona, but they’re both post-game only. D.Char, Spiritomb, and D.Roserade will definitely be a part of it though.

Aegislash provides weather-boosted Priority through S-Sneak, along with fighting coverage in Sacred Sword for most enemy dark-types, and steel stab for faries. I seriously DK what to do about the champion’s D.Volco though.

Ik. BTW im a he. ANYWAY, delta roserade is mid-game, and is good. I mean reruka gets crushed by a good team, and i think @powerstaark has a very good team.