Looking for Gible/Beldum

Trading Name: Salami123

Offer: Heracross, Scyther, Dragonair, or Shelgon

Request: Gible/Beldum

Further info: Any level, would prefer newly hatched.

I have a Garchomp, you could just breed that? also fyi in Oranos Town there is a guy who will trade a Gible for any water-type

I know about the Oranos trade, but it’s so far.
Do u wanna trade?

sure, you on now? I want Dragonair…but nrn, I’m in Nyx fight

k then

okay fine just lost for the 5th time

i’m logging on

ready whenever

ur not online

oh name is Fantasia

thanks…want to have a quick battle?


oh wait battling was removed sorry nvm

ur past kepler, right?
there’s a beldum trade there

only possible mon is Rotom-Heat

and don’t need any other mons

I can give u a rotom to change its form then u can trade, pls help

I’d appreciate a larvitar too

…nah…I need a good Grass-Type tho

venusaur? No-one really likes it but it’s quite good, it’s actually one of my favorite starters