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Looking for female delta Ralts

Trading Name: mjabas1

Offer: Don’t have much but I’ll trade another delta for it

Request: Female Delta Ralts

Further info: I, of course, have not yet beaten the E4 and as such cant get a delta ditto and i got a male delta ralts from the house where it was in. Anybody here could please trade me a female one. I’d greatly appreciate it cause Gardevoir is my favorite mon :slight_smile:

you can evolve a male delta ralts into garde

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both male and female ralts and delta ralts can end as a garde/d.garde

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Wait really? Didnt know about that, thanks!

yeah… it is a common misconception with grade… even i used to think there can’t be a male garde


if you have any other question about the game i can answer as much as i know

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Thanks. I will reach out if i need to, but for now everything’s going fine. I do have some questions but I wanna try and answer them for myself and discover a bit :sweat_smile:

no prob

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