Looking for delta starters + Giratina

Trading Name: telgbro

Offer: (Offer 1) Dream mist and almost any delta (Offer 2) Shiny Talonflame (Serious nature)

Request: (1) Delta squirtle and delta bulbasaur (2) Giratina

Further info: So I picked the eevee as a starter and that made me miss out on one of the delta starters (mb), and later on I didn’t recieve a delta from Damian, so I only got the one you get from the professor later on, and I would really like to complete the pokedex (I only have those two and Giratina left, accidently killed it because I didn’t realize I could catch it) If anyone would be kind enough to help out that would be great!

I can also offer mega stones :happy:

I’ll give you all three for the talonflame.

If you only want Giratina for the dex, I could give you mine and then we’d trade back for no cost.

& I can give Delta Sqirtle + Bulbasaur for one dream mist

Thanks! I’ll be going online in just a sec

Thanks, that’s really nice but I want to have it in my pc ^^ But yeah im up for d.squirtle and bulba, but you can get 2 dream mists, np!

Yea totally understandable, I’d probably give up my Giratina if I hadn’t spent 6 hours shiny hunting it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh okay, damn, thanks anyway!

Lol nevermind, found it. My trade name is Dechozen101, trade on your queue

Alright, thanks.

Are we still trading? :grinning:

Yes, I just finished breeding those two deltas

Lemme quickly check that they’re the right species (and not shiny hue) and then we can trade

Okay :+1:t3:

All good, ready?

My tradename: Cow538


Go, now

Got them?

Yep, thanks a lot!

I will give you all 3 starters for the any Delta or the Shiny Talonflame