Looking for Delta species

Trading Name:


This is the pokemon i can trade :
Charmander 5 IV to 31
Shink 4 IV to 31
Abra 5 IV to 31
Delta ralts 5 IV to 31
Delta axew 4 IV to 31
Delta Noibat 4 IV to 31
Floette Shiny

I search 4 delta species for do the full adventures with them. I ask them because, we can have them only very late in the game or at the end.

I don’t care of IV/EV/ nature.

I search :

  • Delta Deino lvl 1

  • Delta Pawniard lvl1

  • Delta Aron lvl 1

  • Delta Goomy lvl 1

Further info:

I’m new on the game, so… i have not so much to offer

I’m sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

thank you in advance for the help :slight_smile:

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