Looking for Delta Snivy or Delta Turtwig

Trading Name: JojoBoss247

Offer: Ask me in comments 4 what I have. I don’t have much but plz help me out.

Request: Delta Snivy or Delta Turtwig.

Further info: I am looking for a pokemon that is a little bit stronger than my current options. If you happen to have one of these pokemon, I could really use it. Please & Thank you.

I can help. Any specific nature? I can do it free but if you have any IV Stones or Dream Mists that would be nice.

A neutral nature like serious if that is possible. I do have a dream mist if that is okay with you.

Ok, which do you prefer, D. Snivy or D. Turtwig? I have a Docile Synchronizer. I also have Modest, Timid, and Adamant.

It doesn’t matter which delta. And if you can do docile than that would be much appreciated. But if you can that is fine too.

K. I’ll get to it after catching a Rash Synchronizer.

Thx dude.

Hey @ezlaturbo what is your trading name?

ezla is the account I have the delta on, prolink is the one I need IV Stones/Dream Mists for. If you do pay me, send it as a secret base gift to prolink

Alrighty then, I’ll make sure to drop the dream mist of at prolink.


Dropped off! Tell me when you are ready to trade.

Hey @ezlaturbo r u ready yet?

Can you do it an hour earlier tomorrow? I cna’t trade today, cuz Memorial Day. 6:45-7:45 PST is when I can trade.

Oh… I’m in EST. That would be a bit too late 4 me. Sorry.

I have a Quirky lvl 13 D. Snivy. That okay with you?

cool. when r u available?

I can trade now

ok lemme get on…

Can I just give you a regular pokemon since I already paid?